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Data is Changing the World

Your company needs data-savvy analysts, coders, researchers, economists and more to help harness the mountains of data you collect every day.

Take on the world of data and enhance your data team’s abilities with private data training from Pragmatic Institute.

Your Journey

Data Courses for the Business World

Other data classes show how to use tools and programs, but they don’t provide the real-world, business-focused understanding of data like Pragmatic does.

Our private courses are designed and taught by leading data science experts with years of experience at some of the biggest companies and universities in the world. We tailor our training to meet your team’s specific data needs.

Each course uses live code, real-world data sets and business-related examples so your team can get their hands dirty learning relevant and useful tools from the very beginning of their first course.

With tailored data training for every skill level, you can easily find the one you need for your team to do more with your data.

Pragmatic Data Science

Build a Team of Data Masters

Each course provides your team with the opportunity to master essential data skills required to meet the growing needs of data in your organization.


Learn to harness and wrangle your data, automate tedious tasks and make data-driven decisions with Python and other tools. 


Build machine learning models that predict potential product failures, anticipate demand increases and understand your customers better than ever before.


Explore a larger world of analytical opportunities by learning advanced machine learning techniques to master unstructured data.


Deepen your understanding of neural networks, AI and their many applications, then apply them to your business.

Make Better Decisions by Using Data

Each course provides your team with the opportunity to master essential data skills required to meet the growing needs of data in your organization.

The Business of Data Science

The Business of Data Science

Get the insights and tools you need to become a data-driven business leader with The Business of Data Science.

"In the U.S. alone, [there is] a shortage of 1.5 million managers with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions."

McKinsey & Co.


Explore the Data Resource Library


Get the expert insights you and your team needs in every format in our resource library. From podcasts to webinars, articles to cheat sheets, we have something for everyone, and every skill level.

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Trusted All Over the World

Industries of every size speak Pragmatic.

Pragmatic Institute has helped thousands of organizations around the world improve their business and their products. But don’t take our word for it. See what some of your peers have said about the impact of our training.

"Excellent and informed structure to work from. It’s easy to tell that the team of Pragmatic Institute is a well informed and experienced team. It’s practical in practice… maybe even Pragmatic."

Product Owner
Global 500 healthcare company

"94% of surveyed organizations are likely to recommend Pragmatic Institute."

2017 Survey

"Pragmatic Institute gave me and my teams the ability to counter opinions with data and really improved the customer relationship. This, in turn, created a much better and tighter relationship with our engineering teams, which is never a bad thing."

Olli Siebelt
Product Manager, TriNet Group, Inc.

"Ford Motor Company realized a 75-99% improvement in customer satisfaction/NPS since taking Pragmatic Institute training."

Tracie Clayborn
Marketing Professional, Ford Motor Company

"The most essential need for marketing teams is to have an operational framework that includes organizational dependencies and good templates to offer a starting point for conversations and designs. Pragmatic Institute offers just that."

Baker Johnson
SVP of Marketing, Serenova

"61% of surveyed organizations have been able to better align with internal teams by taking Pragmatic Institute courses."

2017 Survey

"Pragmatic Institute training collects common-sense elements in a concise framework that are repeatable and applicable to many types of product development and launches. It gave us a language with which to speak to our highly engineering-centric leadership team."

Jonathan Health
Product Marketing Manager, Synapse Wireless

How It Works

Private Training

Your company has specific needs, and your data team needs the right skills to meet those needs. When you partner with Pragmatic Institute for private data training, you get expert-led training tailored to your organization.


Our expert will evaluate your team’s current skill level and tailor our training to meet your data goals.


Schedule a call today to speak with a member of our team and see how our private data training can transform your team.

Data Science Private Training

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