Become a certified data master with our live, online, instructor-led training. We use live code, real-world data sets and Jupyter notebooks so our instructors can help you with your models in real time.

Every 2 days, we generate as much data as all of humanity did up to 2003.

Make sure none of that data goes to waste with help from the data experts at Pragmatic Institute.

We deliver the most relevant and in-demand curriculum to students at every point in their data science careers. From data dabblers to Ph.D.s and professionals looking to increase their data skills, our expert instructors provide hands-on training with the latest data science tools and techniques.

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Hands-On Data Science Curriculum

Data science is changing the way business is done. Expand your skills with the latest in data science training from Pragmatic Institute. Designed by the leading data scientists from MIT, Cornell and Verizon, our courses provide you with the expert skills you need to enhance your career and harness the power of data. 

Available in public and private online sessions, we have the courses and the delivery options that make the most sense for you. Our private courses are tailored to meet your company's needs and provide the best tools, resources and training from our expert instructors.

All of our courses are hands-on, using cloud-based technology and real-world data. You will build actual models and programs and gain a keen understanding of how to implement these new skills in your company. Whether you've been doing data for years or for hours, we have the courses you need to accelerate your abilities. Learn more about our courses below.

Essential Data Tools

Harness the power of data science to answer complicated questions, uncover greater insights and make data-driven decisions using Python and other tools. 

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Practical Machine Learning

Build machine learning models that deliver data-driven insights that will change every aspect of your business.

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Advanced Machine Learning

Explore a larger world of analytical opportunities through advanced machine learning techniques and by mastering unstructured data. 

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Artificial Intelligence with TensorFlow

Deepen your understanding of machine learning, neural networks and AI, and learn to apply them to your business.

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Intro to Python

Our data science courses utilize one of the most well-known open-source tools available: Python. If you could use a refresher on Python basics, or you’re new to it and could use a primer, then Intro to Python was made for you. This live, three-hour online primer gives you the Python basics you need through a hands-on experience.

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Need to understand the business of data without becoming a data scientist?