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AI with TensorFlow

Artificial Intelligence with TensorFlow is a live, 3-week, online boot camp that offers an advanced look at what machine learning, neural networks, deep learning and artificial intelligence are and what they can do for your business. This course is optimal for those who want to expand their knowledge of modeling and data science with TensorFlow

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Business Benefits

Artificial intelligence allows your company to reduce operational costs, grow revenue, increase efficiency and improve your customer experience. Learn to automate routine processes and tasks so you can make better business decisions for the future. Understand how to use AI to mine vast amounts of data and generate quality leads to grow your customer base. Expand your company's data-driven expertise with Artificial Intelligence with TensorFlow.

 Who Should Attend

Data analysts, economists, researchers, software, data engineers or data managers who want to deepen their understanding of artificial intelligence and neural networks

 Key Skills Covered

TensorFlow, iterative algorithms, neural networks, overfitting, adversarial noise, variational autoencoders, estimators, datasets


To achieve the greatest benefit from this course, attendees must take Data Science I II, or possess the following skills prior to attending:

  • Intermediate Python
  • Familiarity with linear algebra
  • Familiarity with statistical modeling
Earn a coveted data science certification upon successful completion of class project
What You'll Learn

Over the course of 3 weeks, get hands-on experience with practical techniques that can be put to work immediately in your business.

Building simple iterative
algorithms with TensorFlow

Introduction to TensorFlow

  • Implementing basic graphs
  • Reducing tensors of arbitrary shape
  • Graphs, sessions, TensorBoard

    Iterative algorithms

    • Archimedes' algorithm
    • Newton's method of root finding
    • Minimizing functions of two variables

    Machine learning in TensorFlow

    • Linear models & error metrics
    • Gradient descent, stochastic, Minibatch
    • Logistic regression & softmax classification

    Assembling neural networks from linear models

    Basic neural networks

    • Number of hidden neurons
    • Exploring activation functions
    • Adding a hidden layer

    Deep neural networks

    • What is deep learning
    • Overfitting & dropout
    • Adding flexibility & dropout

      Expansion of knowledge with neural networks

      Convolutional networks

      • Improving network architecture

        Adversarial noise

        DeepDream & the inception model variational autoencoders

        • Encoder & decoder
        • KL-divergence
        • The influence of loss functions

          Recurrent neural networks

          • Backpropagation through time
          • Long-short term memory
          • Generating strata abstracts

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