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Advanced Machine Learning

Advanced Machine Learning is a live, 8-week, part-time, three hours twice a week online bootcamp that offers a deeper understanding of machine learning techniques and how to handle unstructured data. In this course, you'll explore decision trees, neural networks, clustering, KMeans, time series, signal processing and more. At the end of this course, you'll be able to handle structured data and apply techniques to large volumes of real-world unstructured data to solve pressing business problems.  

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Business Benefits

Machine learning allows you to predict the future and understand the expansive amount of data you regularly collect. The advanced skills taught in this class will give you the ability to provide new insights into your organization and products which will help improve revenue, reduce costs, create new opportunities, identify new ideas, improve the customer experience and more. Help your company become more data-driven with Advanced Machine Learning

 Who Should Attend

Data analysts, economists, researchers, software or data engineers who want to gain hands-on experience in applying machine learning techniques to real-world datasets

 Key Skills Covered

NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, probability, anomaly detection, recommendation engines, classification, transformers, preprocessing, unsupervised learning, decision trees


To achieve the greatest benefit from this course, attendees must take Data Science I: Essential Tools and Data Science II: Practical Machine Learning, or possess the following skills prior to attending:

  • Intermediate Python
  • Familiarity with linear algebra
  • Familiarity with statistical modeling

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What You'll Learn

Over the course of 8 weeks, you'll get hands-on experience with practical machine learning techniques that can be used as soon as the course is finished.

A refresher of Python and statistics

Python refresher

  • NumPy, SciPy and Matplotlib
  • Pandas
  • Object-oriented programming

Statistics refresher

  • Statistics of random variables
  • Estimating statistical parameters
  • Bootstrapping

    Building on foundations of machine learning

    Overview of machine learning

    • Predictive modeling framework
    • Scaling, normalization and standardization
    • Feature importance

    Building regression, classification and signal models

    Bias, variance and overfitting linear and logistic regression

    • Linear and logistic regression
    • Regularization
    • Multiclass classification problems

    Creating custom models and programs

    Scikit-learn workflow

    • Writing customer estimators and transformers
    • Feature unions
    • Stochastic gradient descent

    Mastering clustering, reduction and other models for unsupervised learning

    Unsupervised learning

    • KMeans clustering
    • Dimension reduction
    • Anomaly detection

    Advanced algorithms and decision-making tools 

    Advanced algorithms

    • Decision trees and random forests
    • Support vector machines (SVM)
    • K nearest neighbors (KNN)

      Decision making

      • Comparing machine learning algorithms
      • Decision making flowchart
      • Unbalanced classes

      Time series modeling and natural language processes 

      Natural language processing

      • Text as a "bag of words"
      • Engineering your features
      • Word2Vec

        Time series

        • Trends in time series data
        • Modeling drift, seasonality and "noise"
        • Using external data sources as features

        Building recommendation engines and exploring deep learning 

        Recommendation engines

        • Features engineering
        • Recommendation for a user
        • Regression of ratings

          Deep learning and TensorFlow

          • TensorFlow
          • Neural networks

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