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User Testing and Covid-19: Shaping Business and Needs

The current pandemic has challenged, and pushed product professionals around the globe to think differently.  One of the biggest questions that we have to answer is – how has the current state of business transformed the problems that users are facing a…


Product Chat: Leverage the Power of Design

Listen to Pragmatic Institute’s Design Practice Co-Director Jim Dibble and Product Instructor Amy Graham join host and VP of Marketing & Product Strategy Rebecca Kalogeris for “Leverage the Power of Design.” The Product Chat took place over Zoom on Janua…


How to Build a Stronger Partnership with Design

How should design and product management team up on the journey to successful products?
Jim Dibble joins host Rebecca Kalogeris on the January 8 episode of Pragmatic Live. Get to know one half of the team behind Pragmatic Institute’s upcoming design prac…


The 3 Rules Behind the Most Successful Products

This episode was recorded during our recent product chat in partnership with Product Development Days.
There’s seems to be a trend here…We all want to create the most successful organizations and or products possible, but what rules do these successf…


Leveling-Up Your Leadership Skills

What does it take to truly become a better business leader?
In this episode of Pragmatic Live, our very own Eddie Gordon, courseware designer, is joined by Art Petty, one of the foremost experts in leadership, author of Leadership Caffeine and creator of…


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