When the 17 original authors of the Agile Manifesto gathered 20 years ago at a ski resort outside of Salt Lake City, they couldn’t have imagined we would still be talking about it two decades later.


Although the original 252-word document was specifically written to help software professionals identify a method for their teams to work faster and more efficiently, the finished work not only revolutionized the software industry, but it would also have a profound impact on product development, product design, and product marketing, as a whole.


In this issue of The Pragmatic, the Agile Manifesto takes center stage as we pore over the document line by line and examine not only what its guiding values and principles meant 20 years ago, but also which of them still ring true today. After all, being agile isn’t just about responding quickly. It’s also about working deliberately and thoughtfully with a clear goal in mind and that’s about as pragmatic as it gets.


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