Pragmatic Peek: Product marketers should stay social in 2021

product marketing on social media

Social media has always been tough to keep up with, and COVID-19 pressed companies to go digital even further. Ashley Rector, founder of Laura Alexandria Marketing, is offering product marketers and businesses a few trends to watch this year:

* Focus on video: A human’s average attention span is less than 8 seconds—less than that of a goldfish. Video is easy to digest and demands attention, which means TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram Reels may be where you need to regularly publish your video content.

* Yes, TikTok: This platform has more than a billion users between 13 and 40 years old. Videos can go viral in a matter of minutes, and TikTok has the highest content engagement rates.

* You need a strategy for each channel: You don’t have the same demographic on every social channel, so your strategy should be different for each.

* Increase in in-app shopping: Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest currently allow in-app purchases, but this option is expected to grow. Haven’t dipped your toe into paid social? It’s time.

* Pinterest will make a comeback: Consumers are turning to this platform to get inspiration for home products, wellness, clothing, and information. Pinterest could be a missed opportunity to create easy, clickable content for your brand.

Pragmatic Take: Consider how you can reach new audiences in 2021, but make sure it aligns with your brand and your overarching marketing strategy.

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