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Experian Health realized a 75+% improvement in product/feature usage since taking Pragmatic Institute training1.

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Product managers lead the charge when it comes to developing and creating new products and features. Make sure you have the tools, techniques and know how to drive product success across all teams and departments. From initial requirements to launch and beyond, our courses give you what you need to become truly market- and data-driven.


Pragmatic Institute Product Management Certification Build Better Products with Powerful Training

Product managers go by many names and titles, but their core responsibilities remain the same: they oversee the ideation, creation, launch and sale of spectacular products—plus about a thousand more tasks. Having the right mindset and toolbox can make the difference between products that explode onto the market with a bang, and those that fizzle out without a sound

The Pragmatic Institute Product Management Course Track is designed to help you streamline the way you bring products from cocktail napkins to crowd-pleasers. Created and taught by instructors who each have decades of experience in product management roles, our courses won’t just help you become market- and data-driven, but help you define roles and responsibilities on your teams, focus on the right feedback from the right sources, build products your buyers want and so much more.

What you get with Pragmatic Institute’s Product Management Courses:

  • Real-world insights
  • Usable skills, tools and templates you can use when you return to the office
  • Expert instructors with decades of relevant experiences
  • Highly sought-after certifications that thousands of employers want and require

Do yourself a favor and take the first step toward becoming an expert product manager today.


     Implement a proven, practical blueprint for being market-driven and get your teams on the same page.

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Pragmatic Product Management Focus

     Use market facts to identify and present winning product strategies to support your company.

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Pragmatic Product Management Build

      Align product and development efforts to create remarkable products your customers will love.

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     Define the right strategy for a successful launch and ensure your entire organization is aligned around it.

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     Determine what the market is willing to pay and learn how to set the right price for each product in each market.

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The Business of Data Science
The Business of Data Science

Harness the power of data science in your product marketing organization and quickly identify and execute profitable projects.

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Learn how  to align product and development efforts to create remarkable products in our Build course.