Discover Your Distinctive Competencies with Buyer Interviews

By Alan Armstrong, Paul Young May 07, 2015

Understanding your distinctive competencies is crucial to making solid investment decisions and successfully analyzing opportunities. But how do you avoid internal opinions about "why we're better," and ensure that these distinctive competencies translate into business results?
In this webinar, we learned a market-driven approach to discovering your company's distinctive competencies.

Attendees also learned how to:

    • Define distinctive competencies for each step of your product's adoption lifecycle
    • Focus buyer research programs for different areas
    • Create a plan to start your research
    • Overcome the typical objections you will encounter

Hear Alan Armstrong, seasoned B2B product management and sales executive, and Pragmatic Institute instructor, Paul Young, give you a set of steps and blueprint to implement a solid program at your company.

    Alan Armstrong

    About the Presenters

    Alan Armstrong is founder and CEO of Eigenworks, specializing in win/loss and churn analysis for enterprise B2B companies. Prior to founding Eigenworks, Alan held senior director and vice president roles in three startups and participated in three successful exits including, Fortiva (to Proofpoint, 2008), Wily Technology ($400M to CA in 2006), and Canada’s largest self-funded exit of Sitraka to Quest Software, where he was director of new products and innovation. Alan has held VP roles in product management, sales and business development. Follow him on Twitter @AWArmstrong and learn more about Eigenworks at

    Paul Young

    About the Presenters

    Paul Young oversees the strategic development of Pragmatic Institute’s portfolio of products and leads the executive team in the evaluation of new product opportunities. He also manages the instructor team. Paul began his career as a software developer and has worked in startups and large companies across B2B and B2C industries, including telecommunications and networking, IT and professional services, consumer electronics and enterprise software. He has managed P&L lines for products with hundreds of millions in revenue, and faced difficult choices about which products in the portfolio to retain and which to kill. Reach him at

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