Agile Product Management: Understanding the Tension and Opportunity of Product Ownership from a Product Manager’s Perspective.


On Thursday, January 28 , at 1:30 p.m. ET  we were joined by Dave West, CEO and product owner at In this great discussion , Dave shared his thoughts on agile product management. He covered a lot of great information on how the product owner fits into an agile product delivery organization.


The product owner—in scrum originally called the “agile product manager”—describes the responsibilities necessary to focus the team on delivering value. But for many product managers, the role causes confusion. Is the product owner someone different, is it an additional set of responsibilities for the product manager, and how do I resolve this with my day job? In this webinar, Dave West CEO and product owner at, will address these questions showing how the product owner naturally fits into an agile product delivery organization. Get great tips on
  • Understanding that product owner is a role NOT a job title
  • How product management workflows through the whole team
  • How to measure success


Watch the webinar here:


For more insights on the above topics and more, check out these great resources.


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