The Pragmatic Marketer Volume 7 Issue 5

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The Pragmatic Marketer Volume 7 Issue 5 

In This Issue: 

  • Updating the Pragmatic Institute Framework
    Periodically—and very carefully—we update the Pragmatic Institute Framework™ to align with current practices for marketing technology solutions. Here is an overview of changes to reflect today’s best practices in product management.
  • Job Interview? Use the Pragmatic Institute Framework!
    Here’s a great tip: when you’re part of a product management job interview, take along your Pragmatic Institute Framework. Whether you are a hiring manager or job candidate, referring to the Framework during the interview process can be a highly effective way to structure the conversation.
  • The Product Management Triad
    Some product managers have a natural affinity for working with Development, others for Sales and Marketing Communications, and others prefer to work on business issues. Finding these three orientations in one person is an almost impossible task. Instead of finding one person with all the skills, perhaps we should find three different people with more specialized skills and have them work as a team.

  • Top 10 Tools to Measure User Experience
    The one fundamental truth vital to web product development success is to know the mind of the user. This article  provides a three-staged User Experience Measurement Hierarchy and also outlines a simple approach you can use to determine the best user experience measurement tools and techniques for your web product management needs.

  • The Strategic Product Manager and the CFO
    Give your CFO an opportunity to contribute, participate in the day-to-day workings of your product as a business, and you may just get a business partner who can help you and your product be more successful in the marketplace.

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