The Pragmatic Marketer: Volume 3 Issue 5

Volume 3 Issue 5

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In this issue:

  • Where Does Product Management Belong in the Organization? Product Management’s placement in an organization is an indicator of the CEO’s understanding of its potential. In an ideal world where Product Management has a seat at the table with the executives, it is positioned to play a critical role in a company’s overall success in the marketplace.
  • A Better Reference Process Means Better Launches In a company where public relations is often an afterthought, proper planning and sufficient lead time can result in publicity that will wow even the toughest executives—and launch your product into the spotlight.
  • Effective Sales Presentations: Advancing the Sales Cycle Sales presentations should be more than just bulleted lists and fancy tables. They should be templates that can be tailored to suit the myriad audiences that the sales team may encounter on its way to closing a deal.
  • Pricing for Software Product Managers Pricing has far-reaching effects beyond the cost of the product. Here is the ultimate guide to understanding pricing and how critical it is to product managers.
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Deja Louco

Deja Louco

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