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Cheat Sheets for Pandas, Scikit-learn, SQL and Python

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“The best part of being part of TDI was learning so much within the short period of time and getting support from TDI instructors and other fellows.”

Who is The Data Incubator?

We’re the full-service data training company that is going to change your future.  We offer intensive, hands-on, real-world training in data science, data analytics and data essentials to help you climb the data ladder or land your first data job in the business world. We work with hiring partners across the country to help you find a great career in data, and more than 80% of our students are working in data within 6 months of completing their training.

Ready to Take Your Data Skills to the Next Level?

Whether you’re looking to become a certified data analyst, an expert data scientist or you just want to move beyond the limitations and hassles of spreadsheets, The Data Incubator has the courses and classes you need to do more with your data.

Data Science Essentials

Data Science Essentials from The Data Incubator is an 8-week online class designed to strengthen your data skills, whether it’s to improve your core data wrangling and analysis or to qualify for our data science fellowship program. Successfully complete Data Science Essentials and you’ll automatically earn a space in our Data Science Fellowship program, plus a scholarship of $1,000!

*New!* Data Analytics Fellowship Program

Take your data skills a step further with our intensive data analytics fellowship program. Available part-time for 20 weeks, this program will show you how to solve real-world business problems through data wrangling with Python and pandas, machine learning with scikit-learn, data analysis with SQL, visualizations and more.

Data Science Fellowship Program

Become a leading data scientist with TDI’s renowned data science fellowship program. This immersive data science bootcamp—available full-time for 8 weeks or part-time for 20 weeks—includes several projects to showcase your world-class data science skills. Work with real-world data for each project to solve real-world business problems. Land your first job as a data scientist with TDI.

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