Why ‘educating the market’ is a last ditch effort

Useless Invention

Sooner or later you’ll be asked to ‘educate the market’ (if you haven’t already). It’s a last ditch effort to generate sales for a product your company has spent a lot of time and money developing, only to find that no one wants it. You conclude the problem couldn’t be the product. It must be the idiots in the market who “just don’t get it”. Clearly they need to be taught about a problem they obviously are too stupid to realize they have.

Product marketing managers beware when you’re asked to educate the market because you may have entered a race you can’t win. First ask your colleagues what problem the product is supposed to solve and then question if anyone actually wants the problem solved. If there is no real evidence, push back. The force will be strong on this one, Luke, because the money has been invested and a return is expected.

How could you go wrong with a face thingy to keep from getting soup all over your face? Who doesn’t want one of those! I wonder if they have them in camo?

Bonus question… any Pragmatic Institute alumni care to take a shot at the Marketecture for this baby?

Update: Changed ‘know’ to ‘no’ in 1st paragraph. Thanks to Mitch Glasser!

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David Daniels

David Daniels

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