Getting the Whole Company to Fall in Love with Your Personas

By Johnathan Lucky February 24, 2016

Personas are more than personality profiles filled with statistics and demographics. By capturing their problems, aspirations, goals and emotions, great market-driven personas tell an engaging story that rallies your business behind your product’s market.

Empathetic, narrative driven buyer personas help sales have the right conversations, encourage marketing to craft the best messaging, and product to have features that influence the buying decision. Hear Johnathan Lucky, Product Management and Marketing professional, as we discussed how to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your target market through customer visits and observations
  • Build a narrative driven persona using classic story elements and tactics
  • Implement personas throughout the sales, marketing and development organizations

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Johnathan Lucky

Johnathan Lucky

Johnathan Lucky is a scrum master at Perform Group, a leading digital sports content and media group. He helps teams use market data to influence decisions that are beneficial to users and customers by leveraging his experience in product disciplines involving sales, marketing, product management and enterprise software development. Email Johnathan at or connect with him at

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