Pragmatic Institute Launches Two New Data Courses for Non-Data Professionals

Pragmatic Institute Launches Two New Data Courses for Non-Data Professionals

Continuing Education Company Is Combining Its Business Strategy and Data Expertise to Teach Employees with No Data Background How to Strategically Leverage Data in Their Practice

Phoenix, AZ, January 19, 2021 Pragmatic Institute — a trusted enterprise education partner in the fields of data science, design, product marketing and product management — has announced the addition of two new courses to its curriculum offering. Both courses were created to teach non-data professionals how to put insights into action in their area of business. Data Science for Business Leaders is designed for managers, department heads and executives. Insight is designed for product professionals. Enrollment for both classes opens today.

“Data is changing every organization, but many companies still experience a disconnect between the data they collect and their strategy. Professionals who lack a data science background can’t always provide the right guidance to data teams or digest their findings and turn them into actionable results,” said Pragmatic Institute CEO Philip Alexander. “Our new courses will help teams harness the full potential of data, resulting in better products, happier customers, and stronger business outcomes.”

Both courses are designed to champion data-driven decision making, break down silos and help make data both accessible and actionable throughout your organization.
Data Science for Business Leaders was created for any manager, leader, department head, or executive who works with data teams and wants to create a data-driven culture and collaborate with data professionals to uncover business value, drive decision making and solve problems.

Insight is designed to help product managers, product marketers, or product owners work more effectively with data teams to uncover insights and apply data to things like roadmaps and go-to-market plans. Participants will learn how to turn data into product strategies by incorporating existing skills with actionable solutions.

In addition to a wide range of high-impact, practical learning experiences, Pragmatic Institute provides a full ecosystem of tools, resources and access to an alumni community where professionals can connect with peers around the world. Pragmatic Institute has successfully trained more than 200,000 individuals at 9,000 companies across six continents.

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