Pragmatic Institute Brings Data Science Training to Japan

Pragmatic Institute Brings Data Science Training to Japan




Scottsdale, Arizona, April 21, 2020—Pragmatic Institute—the global authority on data science, product management and product marketing training—is bringing one of their most popular data science courses to data enthusiasts in Japan thanks to their partnership with DataMix Japan. 


DataMix Japan, a data educator that operates 6-month bootcamps for professionals and corporations, now offers the expert instruction of Pragmatic Institute’s data instructors to their students and customers, filling a much-needed aspect of their curriculum. 


Pragmatic Institute’s Essential Data Tools and Practical Machine Learning courses are offered online in English through DataMix Japan. Students receive hands-on training with real-world data sets and live code. And the best part? Pragmatic Institute’s data courses are always taught live by expert data science instructors, so students can get the guidance and assistance they need in real time. 


“We are excited to work with Pragmatic Institute and The Data Incubator because of their excellent reputation outside of Japan,” says Yosuke Katada, CEO of DataMix Japan. “As the field of data science has evolved, they have been able to stay on top of the latest changes. They are data experts with real-world experience that have developed an unparalleled curriculum. We are proud to partner with them to deliver training in Japan. 


Phil Alexander, CEO of Pragmatic Institute, added his enthusiasm, stating, “We are honored to work with DataMix Japan. For more than 3 years, they’ve been providing high level data science training programs to business professionals. They are data science experts with consulting experience that has provided training to countless companies in Japan, and they’ve created a great community of data scientists there. We are proud to partner with them to provide training in Japan.” 


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