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Map Your Message to Its Audience with the Communication Compass

Storytelling is a valuable tool for designers who want to carve out more influence in their organizations. But while you might feel your story has all the right ingredients, how will you ensure your message lands with its intended audience?

The answer can be found in the communication style you employ when crafting and sharing your story. Pragmatic Design’s Communication Compass enables you to visually map communication styles so you can adapt your message according to a given stakeholder or business partner’s preferences. Download the eBook to take an important step toward ensuring your narrative will resonate.

Want to learn how to design narratives that showcase design impact, advocate for user interests, align stakeholders around a common purpose and inspire teams to action? Discover Pragmatic Design’s new course, Influence Through Storytelling.


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Aligning Design Activities to Business Strategy Ebook Cover

Aligning Design Activities to Business Strategy

In the eyes of your business stakeholders, design work is more valuable—and worth investing in—when it’s clearly connected to business strategy. As a designer, understanding the business ecosystem you operate within will help you position

Ethics in Storytelling: A Guide for Designers

Proofing design stories through an ethics lens can ensure your message aligns with your values. Discover five ethical approaches you can apply toward decision-making, with examples and practice scenarios.

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Map Your Message to Its Audience with the Communication Compass
Map Your Message to Its Audience with the Communication Compass
Ensure your message hits the mark. This eBook helps you visually map communication styles so you can tailor your design story to a stakeholder or business partner.

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