Mapping the Sales Trail

By Jan Triplett June 30, 2014

A picture really is worth a thousand words, and this webinar will teach you a sales-mapping process that will visually show you what you need to do to shorten your sales cycle and improve your results. You will also learn to use location intelligence to find the right customers to grow on--whether your sales are B2B or B2C--for the big payoff.
Other topics include:

  • The importance of determining who your target customers are, whether they're the most lucrative, the most accessible or a combination
  • How to isolate demographics and psychographics to determine what you're looking for and where to find them
  • How to sell to a person, and not a company--even when your company is B2B
  • How to spend the limited time and resources you have effectively

Join Jan Triplett, CEO of Business Success Center, for this lively discussion on decision-making and prioritizing through the sales trail.

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Jan Triplett

About the Presenters

Jan Triplett, Ph.D., is the CEO of the Business Success Center (BSC). It is an award-winning consulting management firm that improves business models and creates and runs sales, marketing, financial management and human-resources functions for growing companies.

Triplett is a published author of books and ebooks, a guest blogger for, Business Bank of Texas and an Austin Business Journal Weekly Business Expert. She is a national keynote speaker, a South by Southwest (SXSW) and SXSW V2V mentor and presenter. In addition, she hosts the First Looks Mentoring Forum that has helped over 200 young companies start since its inception in 2012. She has managed a Japanese trading partner; led two international delegations; and has had alliances with NASDAQ, Lee & Hayes, pllc, Texas Entrepreneur Networks and others.

She has written several books and eBooks, available through Amazon, BSC and others: The Networker's Guide to Success, Easy to Be Green and Thinking Big, Staying Small.

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