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What Barbie's Dream House and Mattel Can Teach Us About Product Quality

Join us as we welcome Tim Trapp, Director Quality Engineering and Product Quality Analytics at Mattel, for a conversation on how product quality not only enables you to leverage knowledge to make data-driven decisions but...

Connecting Your Agile Approach to the Pragmatic Framework

Leveraging Agile methodologies has become increasingly essential in modern product development as it enables teams to iterate quickly, respond to market feedback, and ultimately produce products that resonate more deeply with your target audience. By...

Analytical Tactics to Inform Product Decisions

If you’re not using product data to guide your decisions, you’re just guessing. A large amount of data is created to measure user behavior that can be tapped into to guide product decisions. Knowing how...

Using Market Intelligence To Identify Potent Opportunities

Join us to learn exactly how market intelligence can provide a competitive edge to your product strategy, with Eric Kingsbury, MBA from Experian. Topics: ✅ Market gaps ✅ Customer needs ✅ Competition ✅ Product strategy...

Product-Led Growth Opportunities To Take With You Into 2024

Find ways to ignite your 2024 product growth strategy with our upcoming fireside chat. Join us as we welcome Jori Bell, product leader and coach, formally of Audible and Spotify for a fireside Q&A session....

Pop-Up Expert Pricing Panel

  In this panel discussion, product pricing leaders offer insights into the latest pricing trends, strategies, and best practices to drive business growth. They also cover key topics like value-based pricing, competitor analysis, and willingness...

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