Advancing Your Organization’s Data Maturity to Drive Value

Tuesday April 26th, 2022
1:30 PM ET
Dr. Susan M. Gracia

Data Instructor

Rebecca Kalogeris

VP, Marketing & Product Strategy

Data is a crucial corporate asset—and a strategic one, if leveraged effectively. Data maturity is the measure of an organization’s ability to harness the full power of its data. And being data mature allows you to identify new opportunities, gain a competitive advantage and drive ROI.  

To assess where your organization falls on the data maturity scale, join our webinar from Pragmatic Institute’s new data instructor, Dr. Susan M. Gracia, on Tuesday, April 26, from 1:30 to 2:30 pm ET. Susan will break down the main data maturity categories and share actionable takeaways for leveling up, with plenty of real-world examples.

All attendees will receive the data maturity assessment tool to measure the maturity level of their own organizations.

In this webinar hosted by Pragmatic’s VP of Marketing & Product Strategy Rebecca Kalogeris, discover: 

  • The importance of data maturity in an organization 
  • Different categories of data maturity 
  • Where your organization stands on the maturity scale
  • How you can boost your organization’s data maturity

Dr. Susan M. Gracia has more than 20 years of experience as an educational research and evaluation consultant—conducting analytics, assessment, and evaluation projects for organizations. Susan has developed and delivered all levels of data training, from data understanding to predictive analytics. At Pragmatic, Susan leads our corporate data practice and teaches our newest courses, Data Science for Business Leaders and Business-Driven Data Analysis.

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