The Rockstar Issue

The Spring issue of Pragmatic Marketer is packed with useful information to help you become, discover and mentor rock stars at your organizations.

Paul Young, Pragmatic Institute instructor, leads the 44-page issue with an article on the seven X-factor traits of product professionals. While some traits are inherent, others are not. This article shows you how you can both recognize and develop these traits that can turn worker bees into rock stars. 



Winter 2017
The X Factors
“There is something different about her.” 
“He just gets it.”
“After spending five minutes with her, I know she’s going  to be a VP in the next few years.”

Is the Right Candidate Right for You?
A recent Inc. magazine article listed product management as one of the five hardest jobs to fill for 2012. While talent is in short supply, as the article points out, “hiring the best of the best is an absolute must if you are going to build a successful company.”

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