2023 Design Salary Guide

What are some of the typical salaries in the design field? That’s a complicated question influenced by several factors, including your level of expertise, experience and industry. However, we’ve compiled some of the latest salary averages in this resource for any designer looking to stay informed on the industry’s compensation landscape. This comprehensive visual guide provides an in-depth look at the strategic, market, product, and tactical design practices and illustrates the current average salaries associated with each.


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    The Pragmatic Editorial Team comprises a diverse team of writers, researchers, and subject matter experts. We are trained to share Pragmatic Institute’s insights and useful information to guide product, data, and design professionals on their career development journeys. Pragmatic Institute is the global leader in Product, Data, and Design training and certification programs for working professionals. Since 1993, we’ve issued over 250,000 product management and product marketing certifications to professionals at companies around the globe. For questions or inquiries, please contact [email protected].

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Planning to facilitate a strategy discussion, workshop, or alignment session? Use this step-by-step guide for designers, which shares best practices, helpful reminders, sample activities and tools.

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