Ethics in Storytelling: A Guide for Designers

As designers, we make decisions about how to tell stories, whether describing a user’s journey or explaining our choices in designing a product. How can we ensure our storytelling is ethical?

Learn in this Pragmatic Design ebook how proofing your design stories through an ethics lens ensures your messages align with the values that you and your organizations aspire toward. Discover five ethical approaches you can apply toward decision-making, with examples and practice scenarios. Once you’ve selected an ethical approach for your design story, check it against a list of questions to consider before you share your story with its intended audience.

Proofing your message through an ethics lens is just one way to de-risk a design story. Sign up for Pragmatic Institute’s Influence Through Storytelling course to access our Story Planner—an in-depth guide for designing narratives that help you achieve your strategic goals. Influence Through Storytelling teaches designers how to craft stories that communicate design impact.


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Ethics in Storytelling: A Guide for Designers

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