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Pragmatic Institute's Refine Ebook Cover

Refine: Revise Your Data Projects for Maximum ROI

Data analytics can be very powerful when used properly. However, to deliver results for stakeholders and organizations, data practitioners must ensure a project is set up for success before committing the time, labor and resources required for analysis. In this ebook, learn the importance of refining your data project early and having difficult conversations with the project stakeholder based on the data available and the feasibility of the project. 

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prioritizing your data projects

Prioritizing Your Data Projects for Business Success: A 7-Step Process

With thousands of potential data projects to choose from, how do you decide where to start? Use this seven-step process to help with prioritizing your data projects, focusing on those that will provide the most value to your business.
Category: Data Science
Spotify is data-driven

Case Study: How Spotify Prioritizes Data Projects for a Personalized Music Experience

Spotify, a titan in the realm of audio streaming, has transformed the way we experience music and podcasts. Since its inception in 2008, it’s become a ubiquitous platform, boasting a colossal user base of approximately...
Category: Data Science
Data Chats

Tell Your Data Story with Insights from a Data Viz Expert

"Good design is good communication. You can have great data, but if it's not presented effectively, no one's going to pay attention."  - Christopher Laubenthal, Data Design Manager at DeBruce Foundation  In this episode of the Data Chats, Eddie Gordo...
Category: Data Science



Advancing Your Organization’s Data Maturity to Drive Value

  Data maturity is the measure of an organization’s ability to harness the full power of its data and one of its most valuable assets. When an organization is data mature, it can identify new...
communicating data effectively through design webinar

Communicating Data Effectively Through Design

Communicating data effectively through design allows you to convey your message faster and ensure the point is not misunderstood. Watch our recent webinar featuring data visualization expert, Christopher Laubenthal to learn key strategies to make your data presentations more impactful.

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