The Multidisciplinary Nature of Data Science

This article is based on a recent podcast. Listen to it here.using data science for dolphins


There are lots of fascinating reasons why people gravitate towards data science. For TDI and Pragmatic Institute instructor Ana Hocevar, it was the multidisciplinary elements data offered that cemented her decision to pursue it as a career.


With a background in physics, Ana has always gravitated toward work and research that allowed her to utilize her skillset as a collaboration rather than just as a skill or two needed in a specialized field or topic.


“It was where skills and expertise came together that I wanted to live most.” Ana says. In fact, she used her multidisciplinary skills to take on one of her most interesting projects to date: Creating a touch pad for dolphins.


It was here Ana married her love of physics, neuroscience, and quantitative knowledge to develop the dolphin touchpad which she designed to work specifically with the animal’s cognitive abilities and to hone in on vocal learning and communication.


“It was embracing the interdisciplinary platform as an academic researcher that really interested me.”


Ana then goes on to describe how she used multiple research methods, principles, and skills during its development to give the dolphins control over their own interactions in a “self-learning” type environment; much like we see in children. By giving them control over their interactions, the dolphins learn the touch symbols and what they get from utilizing them whether it be a ball, a belly rub or something else.


Now, Ana uses those lessons and multi-disciplinary training in her work with The Data Incubator by not only being a teacher, coder and mentor, but by showing the world that data can give you the infinite opportunity to spread your wings.


Join Ana in our upcoming fellowship program and learn why she remains one of the most sought-after instructors in data science. Apply to our Fellowship Here

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Cali Frisbie

Cali Frisbie

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