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Transform Your Team with Outcome-Based Learning

Take what your team learned in class and put it into practice by creating a real deliverable for your organization with the help of Pragmatic Labs.

With our industry-trusted facilitators and proven methodology, you’ll get the outcomes you need while your team masters repeatable skills they can use over and over again. Take what you learned in your Pragmatic training and put it into action for your whole team with our lean-in approach, which encourages total participation.

This Isn’t a One-and-Done Kind of Exercise

Pragmatic Labs are specifically designed to give your team the repeatable skills they need to achieve greatness over and over and over again.
Team meeting
Lean-In Labs

No wallflowers allowed here! Our labs require active participation from the whole team.

Upskilled Teams

Why hire a consultant to do the work for you, when you can upskill your entire team while completing the work?

Business Outcome

Our proven process will provide your team with the skills they need to transform your business.

Teaching Courses

Industry-Trusted Facilitators

While typical providers “consult,” “dictate” or “coach,” our experts facilitate. Our trusted facilitators aren’t experts in your market—and they don’t pretend to be. That’s your expertise. Instead, our facilitators are experts in the proven process that will get you the outcomes you need. Your team will learn that proven process, setting them up to do it successfully, time and time again.


From defining your team’s roles to building your own NIHITO program to setting the right price for your products, our labs cover the most important topics.
Create clear definitions for each product role, and evaluate your current capabilities and efforts.


Identify your organization’s unique characteristics, define your personas and position your product, your line or your company to win in the market.
Learn a proven method to analyze projects and opportunities, measure against the right metrics, commit to a roadmap and more.

Enhance any of your labs with data from a series of internal and external interviews that provide fresh insights and market context to your product.

Prioritize outbound projects based on the right elements, understand your position in the market landscape and create a solid product marketing plan.
Create your own NIHITO program by understanding how to research and identify goals, build interview skills and analyze your findings.
Understand how your customers perceive value in your products and define the right pricing and segmentation strategy for your company.

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