Demystifying Finance for Product Teams

Demonstrate your product's impact on the bottomline

How much do you really understand about the finances for your product?

From production costs to profit and loss statements, your product impacts every aspect of your company’s finances. And understanding financial data, where to find it and how to use it will set you and your product up for long-term success.

Demystifying Finance for Product Teams gives you the tools you need to make key financial decisions about your product and confidently communicate essential financial information with stakeholders.

Financial experts Alissa Oelfke, PhD and John Robinson, PhD of Viterbo University have partnered with experienced product manager Anita Lauper Wood to design this course to specifically help product managers and marketers understand and speak the language of business finances. Learn the math behind financial reports, start making better business cases and decisions and go after those opportunities that will have the biggest positive impact on your business.

Demystifying Finances for Product Teams was specially and exclusively created for Pragmatic Institute by Anita Lauper Wood LLC.


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Who Should Attend
Demystifying Finance for Product Teams is ideal for product professionals who want to:
Tools & Templates

Each module of Demystifying Finance for Product Teams includes a series of informative videos, immediately actionable best practices and guides to help you turn what you’ve learned into repeatable skills.

What You'll Learn in Demystifying Finance for Product Teams


The Groundwork

Begin increasing your confidence in reading, understanding and leveraging financial statements.


The Projections

Get the skills you need to project revenues and expenses for new and existing products.


The Decisions

Determine which product opportunities are worth the investment and start making smarter business decisions.


The Variables

Plan, recognize and adjust to changes that impact profitability.
About The Instructors

Alissa Oelfke, PhD, has spent 15 years working in financial services. She has taught finance, accounting, and operations management courses in higher education administration since 2008. Alissa holds an MBA from Viterbo University, and a PhD in management education from Capella University.

She is also a member of the Supervisory Management Program Advisory Board at Western Technical College, and the Self-Sufficiency Program Board at the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse.


John Robinson, PhD, is a finance academic and consultant specializing in corporation finance. He has consulted in a variety of industries, including real estate development for cash flow modeling and tax planning, bottling for customer satisfaction analysis and more.

His academic work has been published in Managerial Finance, and his papers have been accepted to the MBAA International conference in both finance and law, covering topics in health care governance, stakeholder engagement, sustainability language and executive compensation. John earned his PhD from ASU.

Anita Lauper Wood, MBA, PMC-VI, PMP, CSM, is a product expert with nearly two decades of experience as a product strategist, leader and consultant in various industries. She helps teams ideate, execute and learn more accurately and more quickly. Anita taught in the Dahl School of Business at Viterbo University for over 8 years, leading courses in management and marketing for MBA programs among others. She loves to combine all of her experience and expertise to bring growth, energy and lifelong learning to others.
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