What’s the difference between the Pragmatic Alumni Community (PAC) and the Alumni Resource Center (ARC)

For many years, the Alumni Resource Center (ARC) has provided Pragmatic alumni with a space where they can easily access tools and templates from the courses they’ve taken, as well as additional resources. 

In 2020, Pragmatic launched the Pragmatic Alumni Community (PAC) to enhance the alumni experience and take the concepts of the ARC to the next level. 

In the PAC, alumni are not only able to access course tools and templates, but connect with other alumni, industry leaders and Pragmatic instructors to share ideas, feedback, tips, tricks and more to ensure successful implementation of Pragmatic training. 

The PAC also offers exclusive events and resources to alumni, including master classes in exciting topics and user-generated templates. And it’s included in your course fees.

On June 30, 2021, the ARC closed for good and the PAC will be the place for alumni to continue their learning.

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