What additional resources are available for use during and after my on-demand training?

At Pragmatic Institute, we work hard to provide you with the widest selection of quality resources in the world.

Make sure you check out:
Office Hours, a weekly live online chat with our instructors so you can ask questions and get the answers you need
PragmaticLive Podcast, where fascinating guests share their experiences and stories about all things product
PragmaticLive Webinars, our monthly webinar series featuring some of the most brilliant minds in product
Pragmatic Labs, specifically designed to help teams implement what they learned in class into their business and master repeatable skills
Pragmatic courses, our full curriculum of courses designed to help you become a leading product professional

And if you took Foundations On-Demand, you’ll get access to the The Pragmatic Alumni Community, a place for product rockstars to share their ideas, advice, tools and techniques with others. You can also access all the tools, templates and resources from your course.

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