How do the on-demand courses work?

We designed our on-demand courses to be as intuitive and informative as possible. These courses cover the same concepts, tools and techniques that we do in our popular public and live online courses, with the added benefit of being able to learn at your own pace.

We utilize the latest tools and technology to create an interactive learning experience just as impressive as our public and live online options.

Each course is broken into a series of modules, and each module is made up of videos, interactive exercises, templates and assessments.

In the on-demand course, you’ll also have access to helpful resources so you can make the most of what you’re learning. There’s also a chat section, where you can interact with other students who are taking the same on-demand course as you. There, you can ask questions of your classmates and provide answers and insights from your own experience.

For Foundations On-Demand, when you complete the final module, you’ll be granted access to the certification exam. This is an open-note exam, so you can use your notes to answer the questions.

If you score a 70% or higher on the certification exam, you’ll officially earn the certification badge. Learn more about our coveted certification badges and how they can help your career here.

You set your own pace with our on-demand courses. And you’ll have access to everything in it for a full year, starting on your purchase date. That means you can revisit the videos, the templates and the exercises over and over again once you finish.

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