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When it comes to identifying and building products for your company, understanding your market’s problems is essential.

Focus shows you how to find opportunities in your market’s problems, score them objectively and identify where your company’s strengths intersect with market values.

Then we show you how to use that knowledge and market data to successfully and credibly sell your strategies internally. Start building products people actually want to buy with Focus.


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What you’ll learn in Focus

Identify the Right Product Strategies

Implement a consistent approach to product planning, with an objective scoring method and comprehensive tool set that can be used across product lines. Learn to:

Gain Consensus for Product Plans

Build credibility by showing that a sizable market values the product, that it fits in the corporate strategy and that there is money to be made. See how to:

Share the Product Vision

Provide documentation to get both internal and external stakeholders’ support for product direction, and gain consensus on your business plans. Practice how to:

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Product Management

Foundation, Focus, Design & Build

Product Management
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In-Person, Online


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Product Management
Product Marketing
Product Strategy
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Product Consulting

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On the Framework for Focus

The Pragmatic Framework has helped thousands of organizations around the world streamline their processes so they can build and market better products.

Explore the key framework activities that we examine in Focus:

Product Profitability
Buy, Build or Partner
Business Plan
Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap

Business Plan

market definition


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Map Your Message to Its Audience with the Communication Compass
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Demystifying Data Projects: A Guide for Business Leaders
While data science is a competitive advantage, data isn’t magic. Learn how to make magic happen by partnering more effectively with data professionals. This eBook delves into types of data projects, sample questions, tools and methods, key points and cautions—so stakeholders like you can initiate data projects with real business impact.

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What’s the difference between a successful data analysis project and one that falls flat? 

Before you begin working with the data, you need to understand what you’re solving for. Gathering context and aligning around goals with your stakeholders from the outset will help you avoid disconnects and deliver actionable insights. Discover the most vital questions to ask before embarking on a data analysis project in our in-depth guide, “Define: Laying the Foundation for Successful Data Analysis.”

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