All our instructors have real-world experience leading market-driven companies and working in data-driven enterprises. They’ve been where you are, experienced the same pain and know what it takes to bring your company, team and product to the next level. Their experience is real and their enthusiasm for what they teach is palpable.

Product Instructors

  • Cindy Cruzado
  • David Daniels
  • Jon Gatrell
  • Steve Gaylor
  • Amy Graham
  • Todd Middlebrook
  • Rich Nutinsky
  • Diane Pierson
  • Paul Young

Data Science Instructors

  • Dylan Bargteil
  • Michael Cullan
  • Gonzalo Diaz
  • Don Fox
  • Ana Hocevar
  • Russell Martin
  • Richard Ott
  • Robert Schroll
  • Nicholas Cifuentes-Goodbody

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