GoDaddy’s Senior Data Scientist on Evaluating Customer Lifetime Value

Wednesday September 28th, 2022
1:30 PM ET
Zach King

Senior Data Scientist at GoDaddy

Zach King, Godaddy's Senior Data Scientist

Customer life value (CLV) is a key indicator for businesses to better understand long-term and financial viability. A high CLV translates into brand loyalty, increases in sales and recurring revenue from existing customers. So how do you determine the customer lifecycle in your organization to improve interaction?

Learn strategies to evaluate and grow customer lifecycle value at our webinar Wednesday, September 28, from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. ET with Zach King, senior data scientist at GoDaddy. Zach will go in-depth on the importance of customer lifetime value, showcasing a framework to visually understand customer performance and drive long-term success. 

In this webinar hosted by Pragmatic’s VP of Marketing & Product Strategy, Rebecca Kalogeris, discover:

  • Why CLV is meaningful to your organization 
  • The relationship between cost to acquire and customer lifetime value
  • A framework for predicting customer performance and retention
  • Actionable insights on how to optimize the customer journey 

Zach King is the senior data scientist at GoDaddy, where he uses knowledge of data structure, predictive analytics and statistical modeling to understand and solve business problems. He works in the quantitative marketing department developing production, capable predictive models and focuses on customer behavior and customer lifetime value.  

All attendees will receive the ebook Prepare: Avoid Common Pitfalls by Analyzing the Right Data. Download the previous ebook in the series here: Define: Laying the Foundation for Successful Data Analysis.

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