Decoding Customer Satisfaction: Strategies for Identifying and Nurturing Your Key Drivers of Product Success

Thursday June 29th, 2023
1:00 PM ET
Evan Klein

Founder and President, Satrix Solutions

In today’s highly competitive market, understanding and addressing the needs and desires of your target audience is paramount when it comes to building successful relationships, retaining revenue and reducing churn. Without understanding the critical factors that contribute to customer and evaluator satisfaction, you’re often left to sift through large amounts of jumbled data or the opinions of the noisy 20% over facts.

So how do you uncover what truly captivates and drives customers, evaluators and prospects when it comes to your products and services?

Join us for our next product chat on 6/29 @ 1 pm ET as we welcome Evan Klein, Founder and President of Satrix Solutions, for a conversation on how to gain exclusive insight into the key drivers of behavior within your market and how to gain a comprehensive understanding they have on the impact of customer loyalty, brand reputation and business success.

In this conversation, Evan will share:

• Key data points you should be paying attention to within your decision-making efforts
• Ways to ensure you are consistently keeping your finger on the pulse of customer sentiment
• Best approaches for obtaining unbiased and unfiltered feedback
• How implementation of your findings leads to revenue retention, loyalty and decreased churn
• How to revolutionize your marketing strategy and unveil the mysteries of customer motivation

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