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Because true change starts at the top.
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Being market-driven isn’t a product strategy.
It’s a corporate strategy.

The Executive Briefing half-day workshop provides key stakeholders, executives and leaders with an understanding of what it truly means to be tuned in to the market.

Learn why companies who stay tuned in to their market are 30% more profitable than those that don’t

Set a clear, market-driven example for your entire organization with the Executive Briefing workshop from Pragmatic Institute.

What You’ll Learn in Executive Briefing

Implement Real Change

The Pragmatic Framework provides a clear, proven blueprint on how to become market-focused. We’ll show you real-world examples of companies that have successfully implemented our framework and how it has impacted their business for the better.

Increase market impact

Companies must constantly balance the need to improve current product offerings with the need to create products for the future. Learn how and where to focus resources for maximum return.

Improve accountability
and responsibility

Gain a clear understanding of how effective teams operate and what you can do to support your departments to ensure their success.

Stop finger pointing

Eliminate infighting and improve efficiencies by clearly defining roles and responsibilities to get the entire team on the same page.

Who’s It For

Leadership Meeting

All executives, leadership teams and key stakeholders who want to implement a market-driven approach for their teams and organizations.

  • The roles of product management and product marketing in your organization
  • The Pragmatic Framework, the tool thousands of companies use to drive revenue
  • The current state of your team with a Gap Analysis to see where you should be prioritizing their time and resources
  • The current state of your team with a Gap Analysis to see where you should be prioritizing their time and resources
  • And so much more

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