2020-2021 Pragmatic Institute Annual Product Management and Marketing Survey

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Average product
salary in the US
$ 120000
Average number of products
worked on or managed
Increase in time spent in
meetings since 2019
0 %

2020-2021: A Time Of Unprecedented Change

From reassessing our market definitions to shifting our product designs, from completely revamping our roadmaps to spearheading entirely new launch plans—2020 and 2021 have given product professionals challenges unlike any other. And that’s something that we explore in depth in our 20th Annual Pragmatic Institute Product Management and Marketing Survey.

Download your copy of the report and dive into the effects of the unexpected. What essential activities had to shift in priority because of the events in 2020 and 2021? How has organizational growth changed—are companies hiring again? Inside, you’ll find key insights on the types of changes that had the biggest impact for organizations, and opportunities you can leverage in your own business.

We also explore how the role of the product marketer has evolved over the last decade, going from a position that was often overlooked or missing in some organizations to a key strategic player and leader. See what today’s product marketer looks like in today’s high-growth organizations.

And in our ever-popular compensation breakdown, we’ve got all the information you need on product manager and product marketer salaries. We’ve collected data from product professionals from across the country and around the world on current compensation levels and their biggest drivers.

Download your copy of the report now and explore more than 60 pages of detailed insights you can use to propel your product, your company and your career.

The Annual Survey Webinar

Pragmatic’s VP of marketing and product strategy Rebecca Kalogeris and director of product Ian Templin dissect and discuss some of the top product trends and offer key insights you can take with you into 2022.

8 Major Insights from the Annual Survey

The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally impacted the business world in many aspects. And there are few areas where this is more evident than in the worlds of product management and product marketing. In this article, we detail eight major insights that we saw from the responses of our 2020-2021 annual survey, and explore some of the reasons behind these changes.

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