Pragmatic Institute to Launch Design Practice

Pragmatic Institute to Launch Design Practice



The new courses in design and design thinking, developed by former Cooper Professional Education directors, address a critical skill that organizations are looking to build


SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. (Oct. 20, 2020) — Pragmatic Institute, a trusted enterprise education partner and global authority on product management, product marketing and data science, is launching a new design practice. The design practice will offer high-value, actionable training in design and design thinking — a creative problem-solving approach that uses the methods and techniques of designers to understand users and their needs, define problems to be solved and develop innovative solutions. This exciting initiative draws on the synergy between product management and design and serves Pragmatic Institute’s goal of helping professionals solve key market problems.


The diverse portfolio of in-demand courses, across disciplines such as product design and service design, will further Pragmatic Institute’s mission of delivering high-quality training for the critical roles that accelerate growth in an organization. The curriculum will complement existing verticals, with intersecting courses on leveraging the power of design in product management and data science.


“The most successful organizations are ones that create innovative and human-centered solutions that are embraced by the market,” said Pragmatic Institute CEO Philip Alexander. “Pragmatic will integrate design principles into our product and data science courses to help organizations identify and act on the right opportunities. We’re thrilled to bring on two highly skilled and recognized leaders in design and design thinking to build out this practice.”


Shannon McGarity and Jim Dibble — two longtime directors at the design training organization Cooper Professional Education — have joined Pragmatic Institute to develop curriculum and facilitate learning experiences. 


“I’ve witnessed how great design can lead to powerful products and services,” McGarity said. “I’ve also learned that design is never the lone protagonist in those success stories: product management and data science are powerful partners. Pragmatic’s expanded learning offering realizes an incredible opportunity to forge cross-functional alliances that result in market success.”


“Organizations that align product management and design toward the same goals consistently deliver market-winning solutions,” Dibble said. “Both fields focus on identifying and addressing user problems, creating many opportunities for productive collaboration across the product life cycle. Pragmatic’s commitment to unlocking the synergies between these two practices is game-changing.”


About Pragmatic Institute

Pragmatic Institute provides comprehensive training, education and certification to product managers, product marketers and data scientists globally. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to continued education, Pragmatic Institute’s full-service offerings enable organizations to grow revenue, go to market faster, improve customer satisfaction ratings and harness the power of their own data. For more information on this leading global community of certified product and data experts, visit or call 480-515-1411. 


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