Pragmatic + Aha! = Product Management Success

Thursday April 27th, 2023
1:00 PM ET
Erik Johnson

Aha! knowledge base group manager

Ian Templin

director of product at Pragmatic Institute

Pragmatic + Aha! = Product Management Success

So what is the secret to success? It starts with outside-in thinking — learning exactly what people need so you can focus on solving the most urgent problems. But these insights are meaningless if you don’t keep them at the forefront of your product decisions.

That’s where Aha! Roadmaps, the leading product development tool, and Pragmatic Institute, a global education partner, come in.

Join Erik Johnson, Aha! knowledge base group manager, and Ian Templin, director of product at Pragmatic Institute, on April 27 at 1 PM ET for a great discussion to help your team achieve the full picture of success. This session will pair Pragmatic’s tried-and-true principles for product success with a hands-on look at how Aha! can help you take your goals even further. Key Pragmatic principles will be paired with a live demonstration of their application in Aha! Roadmaps.

Erik and Ian will share expert insights into:
• Gathering customer and market research and making it accessible to your entire team
• Establishing a powerful structure for prioritizing new product ideas and enhancing existing ones
• Creating a roadmap that aligns leadership and engineering around market-driven requirements

Come see how these two industry leaders work together to accelerate your team’s impact.

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