2023 State of Win-Loss Analysis: Key Insights and Trends

Are you winning enough deals to drive revenue and fuel growth?

It’s more critical than ever to understand why you’re winning and losing deals, at least that’s what 98% of respondents reported in our 2023 State of Win-Loss Analysis survey.

Sponsored by Pragmatic Institute and Clozd, the survey gathered insights from hundreds of executives, sales, marketing, and product professionals to learn how they approach win-loss analysis–the results were enlightening.

  • Twice as many companies reported a win rate increase of at least 20%—and attribute it directly to their win-loss efforts.
  • 68% of companies that distribute win-loss data to the majority of their employees report an increase in win rate because of win-loss analysis.
  • 30% more companies are running ongoing, cross-functional win-loss analysis programs instead of project-based or department-specific programs.

How are other organizations leveraging win-loss analysis to identify gaps, increase alignment and increase profit?

Download the full report to find out!


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2023 State of Win-Loss Analysis Report
Learn how companies that take a modern approach to win-loss analysis are experiencing significant improvement to their business outcomes

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