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Harness the Power of Storytelling to Grow
Your Influence

Storytelling for Influence

Whether it’s the great American novel or a favorite bedtime story, humans have always used stories to share knowledge, elicit emotion, persuade others and create connections. 

As designers, we understand the importance of stories. However, we often miss out on opportunities to craft and share stories that share the impact of design. And studies show stories are 22 times more likely to be remembered than facts alone.

Influence Through Storytelling gives you the tools and techniques you need to enhance collaboration with stakeholders, build influence, and change attitudes and behaviors through strategic storytelling. You will learn to design narratives that showcase design impact, advocate for user interests, align stakeholders around a common purpose, inspire teams to action and more.

Use narratives to lead from where you are in Influence Through Storytelling.


What you’ll learn in Influence Through Storytelling

Understand the Power of Storytelling

Recognize opportunities to build influence and align stakeholders.

Inspire Action Through Stories

Set and achieve goals through compelling, well-structured narratives.

Tailor Narratives to Resonate with Specific Audiences

Frame and adapt stories for diverse, cross-functional stakeholders.

Ensure Your Design Work Isn’t Wasted

Help the business understand the value of design and embrace new opportunities to leverage it.

Influence Through Storytelling

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Common Roles

This course is for designers and design researchers across various practices (such as service, product, UX, digital and interaction design).

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