Continuing Education and Retention Resources

Learning doesn’t stop at the classroom’s edge. As part of our commitment to lifelong education, we’ve created a variety of tools, courses, labs and more to help your teams embrace their training, implement their learning, dive deeper into new subjects, uncover new opportunities and so much more.

Explore our continuing education options and retention resources below, and chat with a member of our team today about building your company’s tailored training ecosystem.

Pragmatic Learning Network

Get hands-on, world-tested best practices while learning the skills needed to conquer all aspects of business.

Level Up Power Skills: Influence, Lead and Develop Yourself

Develop the skills needed to become a successful product professional with help from leadership expert Art Petty. Attendees learn the skills needed to make a real difference in their products, their teams, their organizations and their careers.

Demystifying Finance for Product Teams

Make key financial decisions about your product, and confidently communicate essential financial information with stakeholders. Attendees learn to understand and speak the language of business finances, so they can master the math behind financial reports, start making better business cases and decisions and go after opportunities with the biggest impact.

Accelerate Your Subscription Business

Learn to prioritize the endless list of tasks that come with a subscription product while accelerating product growth. Pricing expert Mark Stiving provides his expertise to help product teams improve their subscription businesses and drive growth.

Peer and Instructor Access

Training is only half of learning. At Pragmatic Institute, we provide an extensive list of continuing education and retention resources to help your employees take their training to the next level. 

Pragmatic Alumni Community (PAC)

The Pragmatic Alumni Community provides a space where product management and product marketing alumni continue their training through connections with product peers, industry leaders and mentors from around the world. Alumni can share ideas, ask questions, swap insights and continue their comprehension and growth after class has ended.


Pragmatic Labs are 1-day, hands-on, intensive training on key aspects of specific courses under the guidance of our industry-trusted facilitators. Each lab helps teams turn their training into practice while building a working deliverable, mastering repeatable skills and ensuring retention.

Action Planning Lab

This lab helps teams better understand key roles and responsibilities, identify where processes can be improved and plan for change.

Pricing Lab

This lab helps teams understand how customers perceive value in your products, and find the right pricing segmentation strategy for your organization.

Retention Resources

Pragmatic has extensive programs and resources designed to maximize both the retention and usage of the concepts we teach.

Office Hours

Every Friday, one of our product instructors is available live online for virtual office hours. Here, attendees can ask questions and get insights directly from instructors in real time, ensuring continued retention of key skills and ongoing educational support.


Pragmatic Institute offers one of the largest collections of resources for product and data practitioners. These resources include webinars, podcasts, magazines, articles, infographics, ebooks and more. Created by industry experts, these resources provide additional insights and guidance into a variety of topics.

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