Tuned In 

When it comes to creating and bringing new offerings to market, "tuned out" organizations get it wrong. They ignore the signals that reveal which problems buyers want solved and which solution they will happily pay for. "Tuned in" organizations, on the other hand, take a radically different approach. They tap into the wider mind of the market and connect deeply to what their buyers value most, creating breakthrough offerings - called "resonators." These resonators offer value so immediately apparent that they seem to sell themselves.

Tuned In shows you six simple, yet powerful, steps to creating products, services or ideas that resonate right out of the gate.

 Tune In to Your Market; Turn Up the Profits

"The most important thing a CEO has to do is make sure his or her company is, and stays, tuned in."
Steve Bennett, former CEO of Intuit

"Tuned In shows step by step how to create unique products and services in areas that established organizations fail to recognize."
Rob McGovern, founder of Careerbuilder.com

"...making the book come alive in a way that promises to, yes, resonate with entrepreneurs in search of hot new products for their own businesses."
Entrepreneur Magazine





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