Today’s Leading Data Science Teams Are Trained by Pragmatic Institute

From education to healthcare to finance and beyond, every business in every industry has a need for a top notch data science team to cultivate, analyze and synthesize the data you collect.

And there is no one better to help you enhance your data team than The Data Incubator, a Pragmatic Institute company.

We don’t want to toot our own horn, but at Pragmatic Institute, we’ve trained the data scientists at some of the leading companies in the world. Our satisfied clients include such major corporations like The New York Times, Microsoft, JPMorganChase and Pfizer.


Your Data Team Will Thank You

And So Will Your Bottom Line

TDI and Pragmatic Institute have spent the last few years creating a truly unique, hands-on learning experience that surpasses other data training options. We don’t just give data scientists theory and hope for the best—we get down and dirty with the data and show them step by step how to accomplish impressive data tasks that can really make a difference.

Our approach is a simple one: We give our students a hands-on experience right from the start.
Dynamic lectures with live code.

Employees get their hands dirty doing real programming so they better understand what they’re learning and how to use it for your business.

Pre-provisioned cloud servers and tools.

Our tools are already working and are guaranteed to be interoperable so your employees can start learning immediately.

Mini project checkpoints throughout the module.

Culminating in a final project that proves your employees have achieved their goals and mastered their new skills.

Here’s what a few of our alumni who have gone through our corporate training have to say:

“Their heavy focus on applied learning meant that I was working on real data and solving real problems right from the start.”

David Kwon, Yelp

“A talented instructor is not supposed to implant information into your mind, but rather function as a tour guide in a difficult landscape of concepts of varying relevance. The Data Incubator team did an incredible job of emphasizing the most important and fundamental concepts that a data scientist needs to know.”

Dorian Goldman, The New York Times

“From day one, I was getting my hands dirty working with data using industry-relevant tools. Having completed the program, I’m not better equipped to manage engineering and product teams and am able to conduct sophisticated ad hoc analysis. Everyone at TDI blew me away; truly exceptional.”

Michelle Miller, Hack Reactor

Companies We’ve Worked With

The Best or Nothing

Data science is a growing, expanding, and ever-changing field. And you need a training partner who not only keeps up with the latest trends and techniques but can tailor their training to fit your company’s specific needs.

You need Pragmatic Institute

Available both onsite at your office or online at your convenience, our training can be tailored to fit your company’s specific data needs.

What tools will best enhance your company’s data? Could your team use entry-level or refresher on modules like Data Wrangling—which goes beyond the limits of spreadsheets—and Predictive Analytics—which solidifies a strong statistical foundation by reviewing a variety of probability concepts.

For those with looking for a more intermediate module, try Introduction to Machine Learning, which focuses on the core concepts of machine learning and the ability to efficiently train and benchmark accurate predictive models. And follow it with Advanced Machine Learning to become a master of machine learning.

And if your team needs more intermediate and advanced training, check out our modules on:
Data Manipulation, Data Wrangling and Machine Learning with R
Deep Learning with BigDL
Deep Learning with PyTorch
Distributed Computing with PySpark
Distributed Computing with Spark
Machine Learning with TensorFlow and Keras

You can select the modules your team needs most and design the curriculum that has the largest impact on your business. For help determining which trainings are right for your organization's specific needs, contact a Pragmatic Institute representative today.

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Who Is Pragmatic Institute?

Pragmatic Institute is the world-leading provider of data and product training.

Our data science division is the brainchild of Michael Li, and accomplished data scientist who has worked with some of the leading tech and finance companies in the world. He’s built a team of top-notch data science practitioners and leaders who aim to improve the skills of data scientists and data science teams at companies around the world. We want to train your teams faster with proven techniques that work, from some of the most talented data scientists around.

Our data science team works hard to find the best ways to level up your team and expand their knowledge quickly and efficiently. Give your team the skills they need to take your business to the forefront of your industry.