Our Training Your Way

Data science will change the way you do business, and the more skilled your data team is, the more they can accomplish.

Whether your data team is in its infancy and needs tools and training from the ground up, or you want to level up your data team with the latest languages and techniques, Pragmatic Institute has the courses for you.


Who Is Pragmatic Institute?

As the world of data continues to rapidly expand and change, the need for companies to train their data teams with the latest technologies has never been higher.

Pragmatic Institute is the world-leading provider of data and product training. Under the guidance of Michael Li, president of data science at Pragmatic Institute and renowned data scientist, our data science team works hard to find the best ways to level up your team and expand their knowledge quickly and efficiently. Our aim is to improve the skills of data scientists and data science teams at companies all over the world.

Are you ready to transform your business? Give your team the hands-on training they need to take your business to the forefront of your industry with Pragmatic Institute.