How Does Your Data Team Stack Up?

  • How much is your company investing in data science compared to your competitors?

  • How well does your team know the latest data science techniques and tools?

  • How does your company stack up when it comes to data science?

  • How competitive is your business in your market?

Take our assessment below and see how your company compares to your competition. In just 5 questions, you can get a clear understanding of your current strengths and opportunities to improve data science at your business.


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Who Should You Train?

So you've taken the assessment, and know you need data science training. But who will benefit most from it?

Luckily, there are ways to identify data science talent in your company who could be excellent candidates for further training. If your team member has one or all of these three competencies, then they are prime for Pragmatic Institute.


Budding data scientists often have a passing familiarity with predictive statistics or analytics and machine learning. They have heard of fundamental concepts like hypothesis testing, significance thresholds, overfitting and cross validation, and are eager to learn more. This makes make ready to take courses in more advanced machine learning topics like gradient boosted trees, support vector machines and deep neural networks.

Software Engineering

Having a strong grasp of the fundamentals of computation and software engineering are prerequisites for data science at scale, and aspiring data scientists have run into computational challenges when handling big data initially. Even if they haven’t mastered computation, they are keenly aware that the challenge of learning big data doesn’t stop.


A large part of the excitement around data science is its ability to transform businesses—but for those results to be useful, they have to be shared broadly within the organization. Budding data science talent understands the importance of conveying data visually and presenting their results in a clear and comprehensible matter.

Learn more about the basic skills data talent should possess to best utilize Pragmatic Institute’s data science training with this article from our president of data science Michael Li.

Identifying Budding Big Data Talent in Your Company

Train Your Team Your Way

Water Data Drop

Data science is like water. If it sits around too long, without any changes or movement, it will become stagnant and attract mosquitos.

Make sure your data team is constantly moving and improving with the latest data science training from Pragmatic Institute.

Our training is designed to help teams of all sizes and skill levels—from large multinational teams who want to learn the most recent advanced techniques to growing startups who want to use data science to make a difference.

Whether you’re looking for advanced training on AI and distributed computations, or your team needs an in-depth course on the basics of data science, Pragmatic Institute has the courses and the options you need.

Our onsite training brings our data expert to your office with a plan tailored your specific needs. We’ll train your data analysts, data engineers and data scientists with the skills they need to help your company blow past the competition.

You know your data teams need more advanced skills. Get them from the experts at Pragmatic Institute.


Training That Makes a Difference

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies of every size from numerous industries around the world. These companies trust us. You should too.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Every two days, humans create as much data as all of humanity did up until 2003, and we’re only projected to create more. Pragmatic Institute is committed to providing quality training to ensure none of your data goes to waste.

Lead by Michael Li, president of data science at Pragmatic Institute, our data experts aim to enhance data science skills of practitioners at companies around the world. Our proven techniques have been honed over the years to ensure your team receives the best training available.

Give your team the skills they need to take your business into the stratosphere of data with Pragmatic Institute.

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