Tips for Product Launch Marketing Success - Webinar

By Dave Daniels August 28, 2009

A big product launch is coming soon. You’re tasked with creating the marketing plan. You’re agonizing over an array of tactics. Some you’ve come up with and some others in the company are recommending.

Imagine a scenario where every time you approached the creation of a marketing plan for a launch, you had the confidence to know which tactics were most likely to attract the right kind of buyers.

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Dave Daniels

About the Presenters

Dave Daniels is the VP of customer success at Pragmatic Institute. His mission is to ensure that each Pragmatic Institute customer has what they need to successfully implement the Pragmatic Institute Framework. For over two decades Dave has helped technology companies succeed as a software developer, sales engineer, product manager, product marketing manager, executive, leader and entrepreneur. Dave enjoys snowboarding, CrossFit and barbecue. He's a dad of three amazing kids and the product of a military family. Dave has a BS in computer science with a minor in mathematics from Columbus State University. Contact him at

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