The Problem With Finding and Validating Market Problems

By Mike Smart December 06, 2017

Finding and validating market problems is crucial for product teams, but many struggle to consistently engage in this best practice. And while they are often able to collect ample data from customers and potentials, we frequently hear about the struggle to aggregate it into meaningful information.

In this webinar, learn a new method for working with unstructured data and small sample sizes to:

  • Validate your product direction
  • Verify roadmap priorities with market data
  • Test the degree that your messaging resonates
  • Measure the strength of your value proposition
Join Mike Smart, founder and principal consultant of Egress Solutions, and uncover a market discovery method that will empower you to find key market data.


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Mike Smart

About the Presenters

Mike Smart is founder and managing principal of Egress Solutions Inc.Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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