Pricing a SaaS Product – What’s the Big Deal? - Webinar

By Barbara Nelson, Jim Geisman July 14, 2009

SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing is easy, right? Offer a low priced product, sell a ton, make money, and retire rich. Looks good on paper - as long as you’ve balanced the interaction between price levels, licensing metrics, packaging, and value delivered to your target market. Unfortunately, pricing a SaaS offering can be daunting for product managers, especially when they want their company to thrive and not just survive.

Pricing for SaaS doesn’t have to be so hard, provided you start with a solid foundation for pricing in the first place. Join pricing expert Jim Geisman and product management expert Barbara Nelson for this webinar to learn how to avoid common SaaS pricing mistakes. 

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Barbara Nelson

About the Presenters

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Jim Geisman

About the Presenters

Jim Geisman is president and founder of MarketShare Inc. The firm was started in 1982 and, since 1987, has focused solely on software pricing. (See the firm’s website, MarketShare has helped emerging and established software companies solve some of their thorniest pricing problems including how to transition to the on-demand (SaaS) pricing model. Jim has written extensively on software pricing, is widely quoted in the trade press, is a frequent speaker at meetings and has consulted internationally on issues of software pricing and deal structuring. Jim has been a co-founder, director, advisor or mentor to early stage companies. He sits on the Board of the Professional Pricing Society and is an advisor to the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program at Tufts University. He holds degrees in electrical engineering from Tufts and a business degree from Harvard.

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