Mastering the Complex Sale: How to Get Paid for the Value You Create

February 20, 2018

Mastering the Complex Sale: How to Get Paid for the Value You Create 

The commoditization of high-value and complex solutions is causing more products and services to miss market forecasts. It not only frustrates executives, who aren’t getting the profitable results they expect, but everyone across the organization feels the pressure. When you join our February 20 webinar at 1 p.m. EST, you will learn how to turn this frustrating situation into a substantial competitive advantage.

Jeff Thull, CEO and president of Prime Resource Group, talks about why customers have become immune to value propositions and how the value life cycle is the key to market dominance.

He also discussses:

  • Solve the three sales and marketing challenges in today’s volatile markets
  • Leverage the value life cycle and protect your margins
  • Create a strong sense of urgency and dramatically shorten sales cycle time
  • Establish credibility and trust as valued business advisors
  • Prevent the commoditization of your valuable products and services


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